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About Us

Our company, Sapporo Maki Honnpo, was born in 1931.
The founder, Mr. Hikojiro Baba, started production of Kombu Maki at that time.
Since then, we have examined Japanese food and proposed new taste.
Our mind set focusses on "tasty and fun even by a bite and lifetime"
It aims "To create tasty and fun lifestyle by offering new and meaningful value (=taste)". In order to achieve our goal, we have paid special attention to 1. Additive-free, 2. Safety/security 3. Inventive production methods from traditional ways.
At the same time, we wish to contribute to health and long life of our customers and societies together with our business development.
Shu Suzuki
To create tasty and fun lifestyle by offering new and meaningful value (=taste) through our products of additive-fee and safety/security, and by inventive traditional production methods.
We believe that in order to create safe/secure lifestyle, we must invent traditional production methods, which were patents granted, and make our products free from additive.
We also keep trying to achieve the same taste as fresh-cooked products, even they are once tried for long expiry. This is our offering of new and meaningful value (=taste).
Creating tasty and fun lifestyle means not only just satisfying appetite, but fulfilling it with safe/secure and tasty foods. It makes people happy and we want to contribute to our societies by developing eating culture for health and long life.
Our mission is to keep creating tasty and fun lifestyle.